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Feel better by donating your old mobile to charity

Our aim is to turn your unused mobile phones into cash through our mobile phone recycling scheme. We are proud to be raising funds for many charities with very worthy causes.

Recycling old mobile phones for charity provides a revenue stream that many charities have come to rely on.

By recycling with us you can raise much needed cash for a charity we support.

Do you have a spare mobile?

help raise cash for a charity for something you no longer use

A recent study by a leading mobile phone provider found that most people have at least 1 old mobile phone hanging around the house or office. Usually they are stuck at the back of the cupboard or cluttering up drawer space.

You know how it works, you think you should save your old phone just in case your new phone breaks, then before you know it 12 months has passed and you are on to your next upgrade and another phone. Or maybe you like to keep up with the very latest technology, it seems to change so fast these days. What do you do with your old phones?, well we have a solution to the problem.

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Charities we work with.

the charities we work with

Charity Recycle works with some of the leading charities within the UK providing much needed financial support.

The Charities we are currently offering support to include, The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, NSPCC and the YMCA.

Allowing Charity Recycle to reuse and recycle your mobile phone, worthy causes will continue to benefit from your good will gesture.

About Charity Recycle

From corporate business to home users we can help you turn your old mobile phones into cash for a charity we support. With our simple freepost address we are here to make it hassle free.